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No matter where in the world you live, if you have Scottish ancestry, ScotGenes can help you start your family tree, or extend it beyond the all too familiar 'brick wall'. By looking at data from the original records, from the 16th century right up to the year 2011, we will provide you with as much information as possible about your  ancestors and the towns and villages in which they lived, regardless of which part of Scotland they came from

We also have a very high success rate in tracing living relatives in Scotland, England and elsewhere, and have happily united many of our clients with their family members in Scotland. In addition, we trace missing beneficiaries on behalf of solicitors and pension schemes, for which we have a UK-wide success rate of over 95%.

Click on the Customer Services  button on the left to see details and examples of what we can do for you, or for someone you know if you are thinking of gifting a family tree to a friend or relative. To find out what people around the world are saying about their personal experiences of  ScotGenes' services, click on the Testimonials button.

If you like what you see in this website and are interested in using our services to solve your own particular genealogical problem, you can have a look at the Terms and Conditions page for details of the research costs and the standard Package on offer, before using the easy to use Service Request facility. Alternatively, send us an email by clicking on this link 

Based near Edinburgh and Glasgow, we are only a short distance away from the main Scottish Archives. This is good news for you, as we can quickly search the original birth, marriage, death (up to the year 2011) and census data (up to 1911 in Scotland and England) to find the ones relevant to your family tree, as well as other very valuable sources such as Wills, and other types of deeds, and other Scottish archives. 

We thank you for your interest in our website and services, and look forward to hearing from you.


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Customer Services   


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For those with the appropriate sound card, the short piece of music heard on this Homepage is by the famous Shetland fiddler, Aly Bain, and his friends. The history of this type of music is intertwined with the social history of Scotland and touches the history of your own ancestors......

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As a culture, we have lost the habit of passing family tree information down to the next generation. So why not find out now who your Scottish ancestors were, and pass this information on? It really is amazing to see a rich variety of names and occupations emerging from the depths of time. These are your genes - the stuff you are made of....